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SculpSure McLean

By now you may have heard of SculpSure, one of the most popular body contouring procedures which is sweeping the nation and helping people eliminate their unwatned fat--all with just a 25 minute treatment!

Below is one patients account of her SculpSure treatment and whether or not it really works.

I’ll be the first to admit it, stubborn belly/midriff fat was controlling my life.

Despite hitting the treadmill almost daily, I was forced to hide my rolls with billowy tops. I couldn’t just wear what I wanted to.

I know I can’t be the only one; that’s why I’m glad to share my experience of how I finally managed unbelievable results.

SculSure helped me do it. It is a non-invasive laser procedure that can be used for ab fat, love handles and outer and inner thighs—just about every stubborn fat spot. 

New York City dermatologist Dr. Bruce Katz said those are the areas where the body stores fat. He also mentioned how well SculpSure works on his patients.

“The laser goes under the skin and destroys 20 percent of the fat layer,” said Dr. Katz. “The laser’s wave length is absorbed by water in the cells. The heat of the laser energy dissolves the cells.”

It sounds intense, but I only felt some slight discomfort—the laser feels like a pulse is contracting. It was more than worth it, I went on my lunchbreak and it required no downtime.

It will be another three months for the fat to completely dissolve and the muscles in the area that was treated will tighten up. So that means no loose skin!

SculpSure doesn’t call for any local anesthesia and is so much cheaper than liposuction. Comparing prices to diet programs with no gurantees helped me choose SculpSure.

Altogether, the procedure took an inch and a half off my abs and another inch off the sides of my waists—what Dr. Kats refers to as “the flanks.”

I am extremely happy with my SculpSure results and would definitely recommened this treatment.