Cosmetic Dermatology in Northern Virginia

Excessive sun exposure, genetic aging, hormonal changes, and various physical changes over time can have damaging and unsightly effects on the body's largest and most visible organ—the skin.

The Cosmetic Dermatology Center in Northern Virginia offers an array of treatments designed to rejuvenate and refresh the skin, giving it a more balanced, healthy, natural and youthful appearance.

Relaxing wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, sun damage, birthmarks, spider veins, unwanted hair and many other conditions can be treated successfully through Cosmetic Dermatology in Northern Virginia.

Our mission at the Cosmetic Dermatology Center is to provide the highest level of client care while achieving optimal cosmetic results for our patients in a safe, innovative and comfortable setting.

The Cosmetic Dermatology Center is a full service cosmetic dermatology practice in McLean, Virginia. Under the direction of Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Nicole Hayre, we have a great location in the heart of Northern Virginia, just outside Tysons Corner Virginia.

Aside from our Board-Certified Dermatologist, we also have a physician assistant and a clinical esthetician who provide top-notch care. Our cosmetic dermatology practice includes multiple lasers, and skin resurfacing devices.

Our specialty areas include acne, acne scars, body contouring for weight-loss in the face and body, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

For many cosmetic dermatology procedures, we use a combination of fillers (Restylane, Juvederm and Radiesse), Botox injections and laser devices to improve the health and youthfulness of the face and body.

We recommend laser procedures for facial resurfacing to produce great results with minimal downtime. Our practice also specializes in non-invasive or non-surgical fat removal and body contouring.

We treat acne with traditional medications as well as new laser technology and light treatments such as Isolaz Acne TherapyBLU-U light treatments, or photodynamic therapy.

Dr. Hayre recognizes that not all acne is the same. Therefore, she offers a variety of treatments, including prescriptions, specialized skin care and light therapies.  

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service and complete care to all our patients.

Cost of Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures

Unless it is a medical necessity or requirement, insurance does not cover cosmetic dermatological procedures.

Hyperhidrosis occurs when muscles become over active resulting in excessive sweating, few patients can be covered by insurances for this condition.

Charges for each procedure and treatments vary depending on the extent of treatment required, but per-treatment costs are reduced when purchased as a package.

For specific pricing information on our various aesthetic programs, please contact our cosmetic dermatology to schedule a consultation