Skin Tone & Brightening

Skin Tone & Brightening
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Advanced A Serum
Dr. Nicole Hayre developed the Advanced A Serum as an alternative to prescription tretinoin. This ef..
Advanced Anti-Oxidant CE Ferulic Cream
Advanced Anti-Oxidant CE Ferulic Cream contains a scientifically proven powerful combination of anti..
Advanced Anti-Oxidant CE Ferulic Serum
Advanced Anti-Oxidant CE Ferulic Serum contains a scientifically proven powerful combination of anti..
Brightening Gel Cleanser
Developed to help brighten skin tone, Brightening Gel Cleanser is an elegant gel formulation contain..
Complexion Brightening Pads
Dr. Nicole Hayre's Complexion Brightening Pads are an effective blend of skin-brightening specialty ..
Essential Eye Complex
Packed with peptides, anti-oxidants, ceramides and specialty ingredients, this moisturizing product ..
Gentle A Serum
This Retinol formulation is designed to be gentle yet effective. Regular use may help improve textur..
Intensive Hydrating balm
This elegant moisturizing balm deeply hydrates with ceramides while delivering Vitamin B3 to the ski..
Sensitive A Complex
Dr. Nicole Hayre's Sensitive A Complex is formulated with a low dose of Retinol and ceramides in an ..
Sensitive C Complex
This elegant and gentle Vitamin C formulation was designed for those who have sensitive skin. Dr. Ni..
Sheer Signature BB Cream
This Sheer version of Dr. Nicole Hayre's popular Signature BB Cream also has all of the benefits of ..
Signature BB Cream
For those who enjoy using an all-in-one product, look no further!  Dr. Nicole Hayre's Signature..
Signature Sunscreen Clear
Daily use of sunscreen is essential to every good skin care regimen to help prevent premature skin a..
Total Renewal CC Cream
Total Renewal CC Cream is a color corrector (CC) that is an all-in-one product designed to brighten ..
Weekly Brightening Treatment
These treatment pads are designed to help exfoliate and brighten. May also improve skin tone. This t..