The Best Brazilian Butt Lift in Tysons Corner is Non-Invasive Emsculpt

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There are hundreds of exercises that claim to build the muscles in your butt to make it look lifted and round. However, getting that perky behind on your own can take months or years, if it even happens at all. Don’t turn to scary cosmetic surgeries, because the best Brazilian butt lift in Tysons Corner, VA, is non-invasive Emsculpt!

Tell Me Why I Don’t Want a Traditional Brazlian Butt Lift.

There are considerable risks with the surgical Brazilian butt lift (BBL). The main reason is that when your fat is injected back into your butt the wrong way, it can transfer from your veins into your lungs. This causes serious respiratory distress and even death. Not to mention, there are risks of infection and complications from anesthesia.

So, What’s the Best Brazilian Butt Lift in Tysons Corner, VA?

Emsculpt is a remarkable treatment to lift, tighten, and tone your backside. It’s like you’ve done thousands of squats in just minutes. It uses electromagnetic technology to reduce fat and tone the muscles in your butt at the same time. It’s non-surgical, non-invasive, and there is no pain or downtime. Many people choose to relax during treatment.

Give Me the Details on Results with Emsculpt.

Results of Emsculpt are permanent as long as you keep up with exercising and eating a healthy diet. You see small results immediately but notice a firmer and more lifted bottom in a couple of weeks after your last treatment.

The Cosmetic Dermatology Center Has Emsculpt!

Looking for the best Brazilian butt lift in Tysons Corner, VA? Then turn to the body contouring experts at Cosmetic Dermatology Center. You can get Emsculpt just about anywhere you have stubborn fat, so if you’re ready to experience the best body you’ve ever had, contact us at 703-827-8600 to schedule an appointment now!