TempSure™ Envi Treatments In McLean, VA

A full body skin tightening system using radio frequency

TempSure™ Envi at a Glance

TempSure™ is the first-ever full body skin tightening system, utilizing radio frequency (RF) to address wrinkles, rhytids, loose skin and the appearance of cellulite.

Before & After

Here are a few examples of the kinds of results that can be achieved with TempSure™ Envi.

Midriff results after treatment with TempSure™ Envi.

Facial results after treatment with TempSure™ Envi.

Neck results after treatment with TempSure™ Envi.

Actual patients, non-retouched photographs. Results can vary. Some techniques and applications of devices are off-label.

More About TempSure™ Envi

How Does TempSure™ Work?

A handpiece is backed by a 300w generator and used to target fatty areas with radiofrequency waves that heat up the deep layers of skin, forcing the production of new collagen and preventing the formation of any more fine lines.

The results are natural-looking skin tightening and lifting. 

Expect each target area to be treated between 30 and 60 minutes. 

What Areas Can Be Treated with TempSure™?

TempSure hand pieces can reach every part of the body.

There are three sizes for facial treatment (10mm, 15mm and 20mm) and three more to be used on the body (18mm, 25mm and 30mm), allowing the doctor to target areas around the eyes, mouth, under the chin, abdomen, thighs and under the butt.

TempSure provides the best way to look younger without suffering any downtime or risking unnatural results. The treatment provides a non-invasive alternative to neuromodulators like Botox. And every skin color is applicable for this RF treatment. 

What Separates TempSure™ From Its Competitors?

Most importantly, the system was designed with the patient in mind. The system promises faster treatment (up to 100 times quicker than the competitor) and complete patient comfort.

An in-house study showed 99 percent of patients found the treatment to be pain-free. 

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* Results can vary. Some techniques and applications of devices are off-label.