TS on Dr. Nicole Hayre

Amazing doesn’t cover it! Dr. Hayre is a TRUE ARTIST! She knows how to make you beautiful!!! I would give her 6 stars!!

AL on Complexion Care

Came to see Dr. Hayre for acne. She was very thorough and informative. I am seeing great results! Large new office and great staff too!

CG on Dr. Nicole Hayre

I moved to McLean from New York City 2 years ago and I was really concerned about finding a top-notch cosmetic dermatologist. I have taken good care of my skin all of my life and was familiar with the latest treatments and the best doctors in NYC.

I had just gone through a divorce and I came to Dr. Hayre’s doorstep looking haggard and old. Well, in just a few sessions, Dr. Hayre got me to be glowing again. She gave me a truly objective and practical regime to follow and eradicated my most annoying little skin flaws.

Specifically, she helped me with red and brown spots from sun and age with her laser treatment. Next we worked on the crows feet and lines around my eyes using Botox™ and laser. I was instantly happy.

I have never had anyone so effectively address the laugh lines under my eyes so that they are just gone. Dr. Hayre is fabulous with laser and Botox™. She is so sweet and beautiful too. I could not recommend her more and I have been to the best Park Avenue doctors there are. Look younger and fresher immediately by making Dr. Hayre part of your monthly budget!

K on Dr. Nicole Hayre

I love this place! The staff is amazing. Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Hayre is a brilliant injector who I trust implicitly. Go here, leave beautiful and happy.

SM on Dr. Nicole Hayre

Dr. Hayre is an outstanding dermatologist. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, an is an excellent listener. She prescribes the most apprpriate treatment whether for cosmetic issues or medical issues. She offers a number of effective cosmetic procedures, and works with the patient to choose the best one for them.

JR on FemiLift™ Laser Therapy

I am in my mid 50’s and began experiencing incontinence during exercise which became disruptive to my routine. I spoke to Dr. Hayre about Femilift™, wondering if this treatment might help with this problem.  I learned from speaking to other women that they enjoyed results in this area, so I decided to try it.  I had my first treatment in December, and 2 days later, did my typical exercise routine.  I went from significant leaking (e.g., requiring a pad) to an 80% improvement – panty liner was sufficient.  Four weeks later, I did my second treatment, and when I exercised a few days after that, I was thrilled to have 100% improvement.  I had zero leaks during my long run.  I could not be happier with the results. It has been life-changing for me!  I would recommend this treatment to anyone experiencing this issue.

DB on Reaction™ Cellulite Therapy

I was searching for something to get rid of cellulite, and came across the Reaction™. The treatments felt like a warm massage, and improved the look of my buttocks so much, that I am now having my thighs treated too!

SM on Viora™ Radiofrequency Vacuum Therapy

I am so impressed that a treatment like this is available! Even my husband noticed the difference. This really is a miracle tightening machine!

DS on Kybella™ Double Chin Procedure

I have a genetic double chin that had always made me self-conscious. I visited Dr. Hayre who recommended trying Kybella™. Dr. Hayre and her staff were great. They guided me through the process with the greatest of ease. When I look at my before and after pictures I can’t believe the difference. It has significantly improved my self confidence. I give both Dr. Hayre and the procedure the highest marks possible. 

WR on Complexion Care

Dr. Hayre is amazing. She is professional, approachable, and incredibly knowledgeable. I cannot recommend Dr. Hayre enough. I will not let another doctor touch my face!

SL on Overall Patient Satisfaction

I have been coming to Dr. Hayre’s office for many years and the reason I do is because…she is a skilled, experienced dermatologist who customizes a treatment just for you and then applies it with a very artistic eye.

Artistry and skill is very important to me as that is what makes everything look natural.

Also, her office always has the latest cutting edge technology for your entire body. She always strives to exceed your expectations.

Jackie S on Pelleve™ Skin Tightening Therapy

As a licensed aesthetician, I am very picky about what I have done to my face. I had the Pelleve™ treatment and I am more than impressed. My skin felt firmer and more refreshed immediately following treatment.  There was no downtime and I could apply my makeup afterwards. The next morning I woke up to a glowing complexion. This treatment is a no-brainer. It’s non-invasive, it feels like a hot stone facial and was quite relaxing. It’s perfect for anyone who wants a younger, radiant complexion. This is without a doubt my new favorite treatment. I’m obsessed!