Portrait® Skin Rejuvenation Treatments In McLean, VA

Procedure to improve the appearance of thin and delicate skin

Portrait® Skin Rejuvenation at a Glance

Portrait® skin rejuvenation is a new revolutionary treatment that shrinks pores, diminishes sun damage and spots, tightens skin, and diminishes wrinkles—even deep ones! It does this by using the cutting-edge technology of plasma energy to rejuvenate the skin through inducing the growth of new healthy collagen. Studies have shown that new collagen continues to grow for over a year after treatment. This effect shows on the skin as it continues to improve for a year following the treatment, allowing patients to let their friends wonder how they keep looking better and better. Results last for years if the skin is well cared for.

An advantage of Portrait® over most lasers, is that it is versatile and can be used on different types of skin including everything from the eyelids to skin on the body. This versatility also allows for treatment of not only sun damage, but also of pre-cancers, keratosis, and scars. Treatment flexibility also allows for varied downtime ranging from none to one week.

More About Portrait® Skin Rejuvenation

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