Sculptra Collagen Stimulator Treatments In McLean, VA

Collagen building injection for facial hollowing

Sculptra® Collagen Stimulator at a Glance

Sculptra® uses poly-L-lactic acid as an injectable to help increase one’s own collagen production. As we age, facial hollowing often occurs, given the appearance of a gaunt face. Sculptra® is a safe, FDA approved injection to help with volume loss. Typically, patients repeat the procedure once a month over the course of 3 months and the effects gradually build, with results lasting up to two years. 

Before & After

Here are a few examples of the kinds of results that can be achieved with Sculptra® Collagen Stimulator .

Volumized face after 3 treatments of Sculptra®.

Volumized temples after 3 treatments of Sculptra®.

Volumized buttocks after 3 Sculptra® treatments.

Volumized temples after 3 treatments of Sculptra®.

Actual patients, non-retouched photographs. Results can vary. Some techniques and applications of devices are off-label.

More About Sculptra® Collagen Stimulator

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