10 Botox Recovery Tips You Should Know

Botox Recovery Tips

You don’t often hear the word “recovery” associated with the word Botox.

After all, one of the advantages of injectables is the fact that they have no downtime at all — get the injectable during lunch, and head back to work with no time off is business as usual.

But there is a sort of “recovery” period, where individuals are more prone to complications such as bruising. Individuals could protect themselves by taking basic steps during this period.

How Does Botox Work?

Crazily enough, Botox is actually a neurotoxin. Halfway through the 20th century, scientists discovered that the purified neurotoxin botulinum toxin could be used to relax muscles.

And that basic insight still drives how we use Botox today. Injected into the muscle to block signals to the brain, the muscle is relaxed — getting rid of the contractions that cause wrinkles (and a host of other problems).

How to Recover From Botox: 10 Easy Tips

1. No blood thinners.
2. Don’t do any high energy workouts for about a week.
3. Don’t rub on the injection site!
4. Keep away from heat, including hot showers.
5. Ice it. This will reduce swelling and prevent bruising.
6. Don’t sleep on your sides, as it cam lead to the product moving.
7. Move the treated muscle around after the procedure. Exercising helps the injection get into the muscle.
8. For the immediate time period following the injection, keep your head upright. This, again, can cause the Botox to move.
9. Keep in contact with your doctor to keep track of any possible complications.
10. Finally, if you’re unhappy with results, make sure to visit your doctor again for a touchup.

All of these tips together can help make your Botox recovery process seamless, efficient, and easy. Botox is a great product with very little need for recovery — but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the process even easier.

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