4 Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips

Now that the cold has finally arrived after an unseasonably warm December, individuals should start preparing to adjust their skincare routines accordingly.

Winter’s a particularly difficult time to keep your skin radiant and healthy, but by following some basic tips you can keep that glow.

Here are some tips to follow this Winter season.

1. Put On… Sunscreen?

Now this is a tip you probably weren’t expecting. But that might be why it’s so important. As Winter comes with cold and gray days, many forget that sunscreen even exists.

But there’s no “season” for sunscreen (really, there’s only a season for more sunscreen), and you’ll keep yourself looking good and healthy by making sure to put it on.

2. Figure out Your Skin Type

This one’s a matter of due diligence. Winter is a dry, dry season. And you’ll typically have to adjust the types of product you put on your face accordingly. But what you end up putting is also dependent on your skin type.

If you have an oily complexion, you’ll probably want to stay away from those oily products, even i they do feel great in Winter. If you have a dry complexion, using alcohol based products may just be the death of you this time of year.

3. Don’t Forget the Hands and Feet!

Your hands in particular produce the least oil in the body to retain moisture. No matter how radiant your face, some extremely cracked hands brings down the hole package. And yes, your feet need some love too.

4. Get That Humidifier Running

It’s a tiny thing that makes all the difference. As you fight to stay warm and toasty in your home, you’re also drying out your skin if you don’t counteract the hot dry air blasting out of your heaters.

Turn on the humidifier, and get some of that moisture back.

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