Announcing the Arrival of Two New Natural Fillers – LaViv and Platelet-Rich Plasma!

The long awaited arrival of natural fillers is finally here!  Dr. Nicole Hayre announced today that she is one of the first in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area to offer two new natural filler options for her clientele.  The first, LaViv, uses the patient’s own skin to grow fibroblasts which are then used as a filler.  Once injected back into the skin, they produce collagen.  The second natural filler is Platelet-Rich Plasma, also known as the “Vampire filler”.  This process is performed in the office by spinning the patient’s blood in a centrifuge and then the portion containing the platelet-rich plasma is injected.  This plasma contains growth factors which then cause the body to grow collagen in that area.  Both of these processes are safe and utilize the patient’s own cells ultimately to grow collagen.  The draw back is that full results can take a month or longer to be appreciated.