2 Best Alternatives to Brazilian Butt Lift in McLean, VA

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The power of the posterior has led many patients to consider butt enhancement procedures. While a Brazilian butt lift offers dramatic change in buttock size, shape, and proportions, it requires surgery, considerable recovery and discomfort, and a certain amount of transferrable fat.

For these reasons, individuals that want to lift, tone, and firm their backsides, but avoid surgery, are looking for the best Brazilian butt lift alternatives. Sculptra injectable butt augmentation and Emsculpt noninvasive butt lift have proven to be two of the most popular options for women who are lean or those seeking subtle enhancement without incisions, anesthesia, or downtime.

Sculptra Injectable Butt Augmentation

Sculptra injectable butt augmentation is an in-office treatment that stimulates collagen production and improves skin quality, tone, and elasticity. During the procedure, a dermal filler comprised of poly-L-lactic acid is diluted with sterile water and injected into the buttocks. This helps the product spread and achieves a noticeable, but temporary, initial boost.

It takes Sculptra filler 6-12 weeks to lay the foundation for new collagen formation. Most patients achieve optimal results with 3 treatments, with 5-10 vials per session. The appointments are typically scheduled 4-8 weeks apart.

Sculptra injectable butt augmentation is an excellent option for patients who want to fine-tune their buttocks, plump tops of butt cheeks, or fill-in hip dips.

Emsculpt Noninvasive Butt Lift – The First of Its Kind

Emsculpt is the world’s first and only noninvasive butt lift. Using high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy, Emsculpt stimulates prolonged contractions of gluteal muscles. In doing so, the noninvasive technology strengthens, firms, and tones buttocks for a more youthful and pert appearance.

Following a series of four 30-minute treatments, spaced 2-3 days apart, patients will note that their buttocks look rounder and firmer. Emsculpt noninvasive butt lift also pulls up the crease between buttocks and thighs for desired lifting effects.

Learn More About the Best Brazilian Butt Lift Alternatives

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