Can Dermal Fillers Really Get Rid of Undereye Bags?

Undereye Fillers

Bags under the eyes are one aesthetic concern that can really dampen your mood.

After all, besides the fact that they can hollow out the look of your face, they also convince those around you that you’re more tired than you really are.

But the worst part is just how resistant undereye bags seem to be to being covered up.

So when doctors say that a little bit of filler can go a long way in getting rid of the “tired and haunted” look, it’s definitely going to spark some interest.

Why Do My Eyes Look Baggy Anyway?

Your eyes look baggy because there are fat deposits under your eye.

That’s the simple truth of it. It’s simply genetic. Some people have more fat there. Some have less. And some have more or less fat on their cheeks too.

Now, for some individuals, the hollowed look might be due to too little volume under their eyes. And others may just have increased pigmentation there.

Depending on the actual reason, different solutions may be able to solve their problem. And dermal filler can help in one of two ways.

Too Hollow? Fill It In. Too Baggy? Fill the Cheeks In

If an individual is suffering from a lack of volume under the eyes, then the simple solution is to use fillers in that area.

But you might ask what can possibly done for eyes that are already baggy. The solution takes a bit of finesse. Rather than applying filler to the eyes, it’s applied to the cheeks where, by filling them out (and the cheeks may in fact be somewhat hollow) the doctor can create a smoother gradient between the more voluminous and less voluminous parts of the face.

It all really depends on your eyes, specifically. If you want to know more, call Cosmetic Dermatology Center today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicole Hayre.