Can a Cosmetic Dermatologist Near Me Treat My Thinning Hair?

cosmetic dermatologist near me

When your hair starts to thin, it can be hard to find the right solution to treat it. Over-the-counter products provide little results, and your primary care doctor likely doesn’t know too much about hair loss. You know that dermatologists can treat a lot of issues with skin, but can a cosmetic dermatologist near me help treat my thinning hair?

Talk to Me About Thinning Hair

You could be experiencing thinning hair or hair loss for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons for hair loss is female or male pattern baldness. However, hair loss can look like pattern baldness when it’s not. The only way to know what kind of hair loss you truly have is by consulting a cosmetic dermatologist near you.

Talk to Me About How a Cosmetic Dermatologist Near Me Can Treat My Hair Loss

Cosmetic dermatologists near you are likely the most knowledgeable in treating skin and hair concerns. They can expertly identify whether you’re experiencing genetic hair loss, postpartum hair loss, or hair loss caused by a dietary deficiency. They are also trained in medical treatments like the latest in hair rejuvenation, PRP in McLean, VA.

“Cosmetic procedures are an art form and it is always best to make sure that you put yourself into the hands of someone whose focus is cosmetics.” – Dr. Nicole Hayre

Give Me the Scoop on PRP and Other Treatments for Hair Loss

You can only get platelet-rich plasma by visiting a cosmetic dermatologist near you. This cutting-edge treatment uses an injectable made from your own platelet-rich plasma to boost hair follicle production for fuller, thicker hair. They may also offer supplements to address hair loss due to things like dietary deficiencies, hormonal issues, and chemical pollution.

Let the Best Cosmetic Dermatologist Near You Help Rejuvenate Your Hair

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