Does CoolTone Really Work?

does CoolTone really work?

Does CoolTone really work? New technologies like Allergan’s CoolTone are often met with excitement as well as skepticism.

On one hand, patients hope that the treatment can deliver desired sculpting effects. At the same time, they may be concerned about the device’s efficacy and unsure if their investment will be worth it.

The latter often prompts people to wonder: Does CoolTone really work?

Continue reading to find out the answer to this question and learn if CoolTone, or possibly another treatment option, is right for you.

Who’s a Good Candidate for CoolTone?

In order to answer the question – Does CoolTone really work? – it’s important to discuss who’s a good candidate for treatment, as this factor can significantly affect final outcomes.

Because CoolTone focuses on muscle, rather than fat, it is recommended for women and men who are at their idea weight and are solely interested in gaining muscle tone and definition.

For individuals who want to increase muscle mass and have bothersome fat deposits, we recommend Emsculpt. Emsculpt is a noninvasive body contouring treatment simultaneously burns fat and builds muscle.

Does CoolTone Really Work?

CoolTone is FDA-approved to build, strengthen, and firm muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. As such, it only works on muscle and doesn’t have any effect on fat.

What’s more, excess fat may make it more difficult to appreciate the device’s muscle toning results. For this reason, individuals with localized fat deposits may not see the improvement that they hope for.

That being said, it is extremely important to determine your treatment objectives and select a body contouring treatment that is able to produce desired outcomes for you.

Since Emsculpt is equipped to eliminate fat and tone musculature, in many cases, it can offer a more versatile and effective alternative.

Here is a more competitive analysis between CoolTone and Emsculpt.

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