Dr. Hayre Speaks at United Nations Ideagen Global Conference

Recently, Dr. Hayre was invited to speak at the United Nations Ideagen Global Conference. After noticing a clinical connection between her patients’ skin and their social lives, Dr. Hayre was inspired to run a pilot study on the effects of oxytocin on skin health.


Oxytocin, aka The Love Hormone, is released in response to sexual activity and during childbirth. This hormone plays a significant role in social bonding, reproduction, childbirth, and the post-partum period. Previously, Oxytocin wasn’t considered very relevant to skin health.

However, Dr. Hayre noticed that patients with glowing skin often had experienced positive changes in their life, such as a new partner, an engagement, etc. On the other hand, when patients came in with dull, lifeless skin, it was attributed to negative experiences like heartbreak. This inspired Dr. Hayre to dig deeper into the connection between oxytocin and skin health.  

Dr. Hayre’s Findings

dr. nicole hayre

Dr. Hayre says “It turns out, Oxytocin is produced in the skin. It’s produced when you caress the skin. It’s produced when you cuddle, when you snuggle, when you get a massage.” Further research showed that oxytocin is produced when you do something that you enjoy. That could be dancing, listening to music, singing, etc. Oxytocin is produced in the fibroblasts in skin. These are the same cells that create collagen. Dr. Hayre found that when oxytocin is produced, the body binds it, and this turns off a phenotype responsible for aging.  

The Pilot Study

Dr. Hayre had several women from her office volunteer to participate in a study. After photographing the patients, giving them a skin age score, and doing a 24-hour urine collection, the findings were astounding. The patient with the highest oxytocin levels looked the best, despite having the highest lifetime sun exposure.

This revolutionary discovery was published and featured in the peer-reviewed Journal of Drugs in Dermatology and named one of the top stories in Dermatology in 2021 by Dermatology Times. Additionally, Dr. Hayre discovered that we have a social system in our bodies, the Oxytocin Social Exchange System. You can hear Dr. Hayre’s speech here.

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