Emsculpt for Arms and Legs

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Emsculpt McLean

Emsculpt was already FDA-approved to target the abdomen and buttock area. Now patients have an option to apply the groundbreaking technology other body parts. Emsculpt for arms and legs can offer users the equivalent of 20,000 contractions in the span of just half an hour.

How Does it Work?

It all starts with five letters: HIFEM: Highly Focused Electromagnetic energy that creates incredible contractions in any specific area of your arms or legs. This muscle stimulations eliminates fat cells for both toning and an increase in strength. And each session is just 30 minutes.

This HIFEM energy causes “lipo,” rupturing fat cells so that they can no longer store fat. As a result, the body naturally boots then out as waste.

Or more simply, Emsculpt rids the patient of their pesky bulges and while strengthening muscle fibers, meaning slimmer looks and bigger muscles. And it’s painless. Just lay down and enjoy your transformation. The results last as long as six months. Two visits every 3-6 months is typical.

Emsculpt for Arms and Legs

Before now, the only disappointing thing about Emsculpt was that it could only be applied to the abs and gluteus. But the FDA has given their go-ahead on treating arms. So the same body transformations that fans have seen around their midsection can now be unlocked along their arms, skipping any dangerous surgeries.

The vice president of Emsculpt’s manufacturer made clear his company’s thrive for innovation—”raising the bar run aesthetics,” he said—and patient satisfaction.

Dr. Stanley Paulous is a plastic surgeon and acknowledges that this is great news, “as patients now have the option to enhance areas that are most important to them.” So be it more defined triceps or biceps or sculpted thighs, patients now have an excellent option to acquire just that.

The future looks bright too. The same small applicator that is used for upper arms and thighs is being developed to also treat calves and the oblique area.

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Emsculpt Arms and Legs Results

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