EmSculpt for Mommy Tummy

Are you considering EmSculpt for mommy tummy? Becoming a mother is a beautiful thing, but the postpartum period brings a lot of physical struggles as well. Despite what Hollywood tells us, a woman’s body doesn’t magically bounce back after giving birth. In fact, most new mothers need a little help regaining their pre-pregnancy body. Here’s why Emsculpt for mommy tummy is perfect.

How It Works

Emsculpt is a trifold technology that tones, tightens, and burns fat simultaneously. Unlike other body contouring methods that focus solely on fat reduction, Emsculpt takes it to the next level by targeting muscles as well.

Emsculpt is the only scientifically proven procedure that targets tough-to-build muscles. Using high intensity focused electromagnetic energy, it stimulates supramaximal contractions. This activates and strengthens muscles, all while reducing fat by an average of 30%.

Targeting the Mommy Tummy

emsculpt for mommy tummy

The belly is one of the most common areas of concern for women, with the buttocks running a close second. However, with Emsculpt for mommy tummy, patients can shrink that post-partum belly and firm, define, and strengthen their abdominal muscles. And did I mention this treatment only takes around 30 minutes? Perfect for busy moms!

Additionally, Emsculpt is an effective treatment for diastasis recti, which many women experience after pregnancy.

Emsculpt Butt Lift

Pregnancy, and breastfeeding, can cause your butt to shrink and lose shape. Emsculpt can target these muscles to give you a firmer, rounder, and more lifted buttocks.

Where to Get Emsculpt for Mommy Tummy

If you are tired of dealing with a mommy tummy, Emsculpt might be the perfect solution. Here at the Cosmetic Dermatology Center, we proudly offer the newest and most effective Emsculpt NEO. This device is proven to reduce fat by 30% and increase muscle by 25%. To learn more, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.