Exciting New Products and Services!

With a new Summer about to begin, long awaited news of the first approval in the United States of a competitor to Botox® comes with it. Medicis® has just been awarded FDA-approval for the use of their product Dysport®, for the cosmetic treatment of wrinkles. The company has just announced, that they will release their product in mid-June. Dysport ® has been available in Europe for many years now where it has enjoyed a good track record, with some reporting better longevity after treatments than after Botox®.

Regardless of how much of the market share Dysport ® may take away from Botox®, the most exciting aspect of its approval is the introduction of competition into this marketplace. As of this publication, pricing of Dysport ® has not been announced. I think I speak for most people when I say that this new competitor will hopefully help to bring the pric-ing of Botox® down.

As some of you already know, a new filler called Evolence® was released earlier this year. Evolence® is a new type of collagen which is FDA-approved for filling in nasolabial folds, or laughlines. Benefits to using Evolence® include less swelling and bruising, even after several syringes of material are injected.

This filler truly causes minimal downtime. Effects last upwards of six months. In fact, the company is currently waiting for approval from the FDA to be able to claim sustained improvements after 12 months.

As much as I like Evolence®, I am anxiously awaiting Evolence Breeze®. This formula of collagen has been specifically formulated to be placed in delicate areas such as in under eye hollows and in the lips. This advancement is significant because most fillers currently being used in the under eye area are not ideal. They tend to have complications such as the tendency of showing a bluish color. This will not happen with Evolence Breeze®! Also, this delicate area tends to bruise easily. I expect that Evolence Breeze® will also have a
lower rate of swelling and bruising as its predecessor Evolence®.

For those of you ready to try Evolence®, there is a mail-in rebate of $50 per syringe. Also, remember to avoid aspirin, pain killers, Vitamin E tablets, Fish oil and Ginkgo supplements for at least two weeks prior to having your treatment. This will help to minimize possible bruising.

An exciting new skin care product that was just released at the Cosmetic Dermatology Center, is NeutraFill. This formula is designed to significantly plump the skin, giving it a younger, smoother look. This is not your average cream which is simply applied and left on. This is a gommage which is applied in a thick film, and left on for a minimum of 15-30 minutes. Afterwards, it is rinsed off with copious amounts of water, leaving the skin incredibly plump. For even more dramatic results, the product may be left on overnight and removed in the morning. Seeing is believing, so please feel free to stop by and pick-up a sample for yourself!