First in the area to Offer Vanquish!

The revolutionary new laser to reduce fat, Vanquish®, has been gaining attention even prior to its release and has been featured in magazines including Allure©.  Vanquish® by BTL Aesthetics© is a focused-field bipolar radiofrequency device that targets and reduces fat.  “The Vanquish® is an exciting new device that is both easy on the patient, and extremely effective.”  Dr. Nicole Hayre continued to explain that treatments consist of the patient laying under the machine for a half hour weekly for four weeks.  The patient will feel warmth, but no pain.  “This is the closest way to have the effect of having had liposuction without actually having surgery.  This device is a game changer!  There have been other devices on the market which help with fat loss, but none to date as powerful as this one.”  She went on to explain that patients should drink a lot of water prior to coming in for treatment, and that they can continue with their normal excercise routine.  There is no downtime when having Vanquish® treatments.  Some patients may need more treatments, depending on how many inches they want to lose.  Vanquish® can be used on the abdomen, “love handles” and back fat.