Forecasting the Top Cosmetic Trends for 2018

 Top Cosmetic Trends for 2018

It’s always good to know ahead of time what’s gonna be the “next big thing.” If you ask doctors what they think is going to take the cosmetic treatment world by storm, most of them are going to have different answers.

Fortunately, here’s a compilation of 5 possible trends that are going to happen in 2018.

1. Mixed Brand Treatment for Customized Results

This one’s definitely interesting. Rather than going in simply for an injectable of one brand, or a laser treatment from another, doctors may actually start using these technologies synergistically — such as using a laser to increase heat before using an injectable, tightening the skin afterwards.

2. Bacteria?

Now don’t cal it gross, yet. After all, if you’re a regular consumer of yogurt you’re probably already a fan of probiotics. But probiotics may not just be good for your gut. They may be the next big thing when it comes to taking care of your skin.

3. Micro-Botox

If you already thought that Botox was a pretty tight and self-contained procedure, then you might be excited to hear about “Baby Botox,” or Micro-Botox–which injects into the more superficial aspects of the face for a number of effects, including decreasing pore size and oil production. It can even stimulate collagen production.

4. Making Our Bodies Work For Us

2018 may be the year where we start using subtle biohacks to suit our purposes. If you know anything about platelet rich plasma (PRP), used for all sorts of purposes from skin rejuvenation to hair regrowth, then you get the basic idea. New techniques include micro filler injections and fat transfers.

5. Face Is Out, Rest of the Body Is In

Some doctors think that improving technology, particularly in the realm of noninvasive fat reduction, is going to allow more judicious treatment of the rest of our body. Think reducing fat in the arms and legs — and whatever small problem areas you can think of.

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