Get Ready For The Holidays!

woman with giftThe holidays are quickly approaching, and our time is filled with shopping, decorating, and innumerable cocktail hours, parties, and get-togethers. As you are bustling through your simple, quick things you can do to refresh your appearance?

A youthful healthy appearance begins with beautiful skin. The sooner you are on the proper skin regimen for your skin type, the better. A quick visit with Dr Hayre to help you adjust your skin care regimen will help you to improve your skin on a daily basis.

Many of your fellow party-goers have help to achieve or maintain their youthful look. In fact, younger and younger people having minor procedures to maintain their youthful looks, has become a silent craze. What is everyone doing? One of the top cosmetic procedures in the country year after year is Botox®. Botox® helps to relax muscles and diminish the overlying lines or wrinkles. It is safe, predictable, and most people will not be able to tell if you have had it done!

Another treatment which is immensely popular and can help you refresh your look is the use of a filler such as collagen or a Hylaform-based product such as Juvederm®. These products are called fillers, because they are used to fill-in lines and to plump thin lips. Removing lines with collagen or Juvederm® takes years off of one‟s appearance without it being obvious that something was done.

A trick which many party-goers will benefit from this season is plumping up the lips with a filler. Everyone’s lips thin as we age. A little collagen or Juvederm® will help you regain a more youthful lip, without making you look like some actresses (who shall remain nameless).

In addition to the techniques mentioned above, Dr Hayre is using long-lasting fillers to perform filler facelifts. This creates a more natural, youthful appearance with very little to no down-time. Filler can even be used on the hands to hide unsightly veins!

Microdermabrasion is a “no-downtime‟ procedure which exfoliates the upper layers of your skin, while applying gentle suction to clean out your pores. The benefits of microdermabrasion, while increased with repeating the procedure, are usually seen after the first treatment! The skin is smoother and more radiant, making it an excellent “pick-me-up‟ to have performed a day or two before an event.

We are fortunate to live in a time when it is possible to “turn-back-the-clock‟ without it being obvious that something was done. Thinning lips due to aging can be plumped with either collagen or Juvederm®, lines around the eyes can be diminished with Botox, and for those who want more dramatic results, Portrait® treatments cause collagen to grow, removing even deep lines! Additional benefits of Portrait® treatments include smaller pores, skin tightening, and sun damage reversal. Although this procedure has some downtime, the results are worth it! For those who can not afford any downtime, Intense Pulsed Light treatments can be used to reverse sun damage including brown spots and dilated blood vessels. An alternative to Intense Pulsed Light treatments is Photodynamic therapy. Photodynamic therapy not only helps to reverse sun damage such as brown spots and dilated blood vessels, but it also helps to shrink pore size and improve the skin’s texture and tone. So, when you are trying to look your best for those upcoming holiday parties, there are a lot of easy treatments which can help you.