How Long does Botox Last in Georgetown, DC?

how long does botox last

Since it was created, men and women everywhere have obsessed over Botox and its ability to cheat the aging process. So how does this injection work and how long does Botox last? Find out now along with the best place to get Botox in Georgetown, DC.

How Long Does Botox Last in Georgetown?

Botox is a neurotoxin that temporarily “prevents the communication between your nerves and your muscles,” explains dermatologist Mara Weinstein, M.D. Essentially, Botox paralyzes the injected muscle, typically for a period of 3-6 months. The injections are used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, giving a more youthful appearance.

“Botox longevity increases if you retreat before the effects of the previous treatment wears off.  Plus, this helps to ensure that you are not etching in wrinkles in between treatments!” – Dr. Nicole Hayre

Static and Dynamic Wrinkles

There are five types of wrinkles. Specifically, for anti-aging purposes, doctors use Botox in Georgetown, DC, to treat both static and dynamic wrinkles. Static lines are deep wrinkles that are the result of years of frowning, smiling, and raising your eyebrows. Dynamic wrinkles are only visible when you’re making a facial expression.

The goal with Botox is not only to approve the appearance of existing wrinkles, but to prevent the formation of new static wrinkles. Because Botox is temporary, the injections must be repeated every 3-6 months. However, some people question whether there are long-term side effects of Botox.

Teaching Muscles

Using a neurotoxin continuously for years will train your muscles not to make wrinkle-forming expressions as aggressively. When the neurotoxin begins to wear off, you will be more aware of making the movement. Being more conscious of your expressions will help you avoid excessive squinting, eyebrow-raising, and frowning.

Weakened Muscles

Consistent Botox use over several years will result in muscle atrophy. Since the muscle is not being used, it will begin to weaken. This works to further prevent the formation of wrinkles. However, this does not mean that your face will be expressionless.

Only the treated muscles will weaken, leaving the rest of the facial muscles to maintain full volume and allow for normal facial expressions. Furthermore, if you take a break for injections, the muscles will regain strength.

Visibly Thinner Skin

Some patients experience visible thinning of the skin after many years of Botox use. While it is uncommon, some experts believe that patients who begin Botox at an early age may be more at risk of this side effect.

Since the skin thins naturally and the muscles weaken with age, beginning Botox in Georgetown, DC, at a very early age may cause premature thinning of the skin. A proper skin regimen that includes daily sunscreen can help reduce these risks.

Discoloration and Texture Changes

While it is not typical, some patients notice a “wavy” texture to the skin on the treatment area as well as discoloration. However, this side effect is preventable.

Changing the pattern of injection to give smaller amounts of toxin in a more uniform distribution can help avoid the issue. Also, stopping treatment for an extended period can help.

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When it Comes to Botox, Less is More

After years of treatment, you may find that you need less and less over time. If your treatment has been properly timed and administered correctly, your muscles will be “trained”, and you will require less maintenance. This could mean that you need less Botox, or that you need treatment less frequently.

What happens if I stop Botox?

People fear that using neurotoxins and then stopping will result in a dramatically wrinkled face. But this fear is unfounded. Even if you stop, you will still look years younger. You won’t develop wrinkles overnight.

Brighter Less Wrinkled Skin

botox georgetown

Using neurotoxins continuously for 10+ years will certainly give you a younger look with fewer wrinkles. You will have smoother, brighter skin minus the wrinkles that come with age.

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