How Many Syringes of Filler Do I Need?

how many syringes of filler do i need

Considering a liquid facelift to help rejuvenate now that you’ve noticed the signs of aging starting to creep in? Dermal fillers are a great way to get sensational results without the harsh effects of cosmetic surgery. If you’re trying to determine how much a non-surgical facelift will cost you, you need to know how many syringes of filler do I need? That answer depends largely on what areas are being treated and how many areas you wish to treat.

So, How Many Syringes of Filler Do I Need to Treat Fine Lines and Wrinkles …

“You always need to ask an expert as to how many syringes of filler you need.  An expert may see contouring issues that need to be addressed first. Frequently these cause the line that brought you in for filler in the first place.  Whatever the number of syringes is, just remember that there is only 1 teaspoon of gel in each syringe… which is not much at all!” – Dr. Nicole Hayre

Under My Eyes? 

Dark under-eye circles can often be treated with hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvéderm. You can typically get the results you want with just one syringe for both eyes.

How Many Syringes of Filler Do I Need in My Cheeks?

To help fill in hollow cheeks, one syringe per cheek is usually sufficient.

For Nasolabial Folds or Marionette Lines?

Like the cheeks, these typically take about one syringe per side.

For a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

In just one to two syringes, you can restore symmetry to the nose, eliminate bumps, and / or even make your nose appear smaller.

Or to Plump My Lips?

For a plumper pout, you may need one syringe per lip. However, these results are typically very dramatic, and most people simply need one syringe for both lips.

Book a Consultation for a Liquid Facelift to Find Out How Many Syringes of Filler You’ll Need

The only way to truly find out how many syringes of filler do I need is to speak with a cosmetic injection specialist, who can determine how to best achieve your aesthetic goals with dermal fillers. Schedule your complimentary e-consultation online now or call us today at 703-827-8600 to speak with Dr. Nicole Hayre about how many syringes you’ll need for a liquid facelift with fillers in McLean!