How Much Does a Sculptra Butt Lift Cost?

Sculptra BBL

Sculptra butt lift is one of the hottest treatments right now and for good reason. It is nonsurgical, requires zero downtime, and produces subtle and natural-looking enhancement.

If you are considering an injectable BBL, you may have a number of questions about the treatment, including: Am I a good candidate for a Sculptra butt lift? How much does a Sculptra butt lift cost? How many treatments will I need?

To find out the answers to these questions and learn if a Sculptra BBL is right for you, read on.

What Is a Sculptra Butt Lift?

A Sculptra butt lift is a nonsurgical procedure designed to enhance buttock contours and shape. 

It is performed using a poly-L-lactic acid dermal filler that stimulates the production of new collagen around the injectable product. In doing so, Sculptra adds volume and fullness to buttocks with gradual and natural-looking outcomes. 

It also produces a more lifted and perky backside, which can be difficult to achieve with diet and exercise alone.

How Much Does a Sculptra Butt Lift Cost?

Sculptra butt lift cost often depends on each patient’s goals and degree of enhancement desired.

That being said, a vial of Sculptra costs approximately $1000, and most individuals use a total of four-to-seven vials.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Sculptra Butt Lift?

Many people choose to undergo a Sculptra butt lift because it is nonsurgical, offers gradual improvement, provides subtle enhancement, produces natural-looking results, and doesn’t require any downtime.

It’s also an excellent option for patients who are concerned about the risks associated with gluteal implants as well as lean individuals who do not have enough excess fat for a surgical BBL.

How Many Treatments Are Recommended?

In addition to inquiring about Sculptra butt lift cost, patients often ask how many treatments they may need to achieve desired contours and shape.

For optimal outcomes, a series of three-to-four Sculptra butt lift sessions, spaced two-to-three months apart, is recommended.

Considering a Sculptra Butt Lift?

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