How to Know If You Need Botox or Fillers

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The cosmetic industry is constantly making advances to delay the signs of aging. Patients can now reap the benefits of a number of treatment options to turn back the clock on sagging skin or forehead creases.

But from Botox to dermal fillers, how are you supposed to know what to spend your money on?

You don’t have to. New York dermatologist Sejal Shah, MD, is happy to answer some questions you and many more may have.

What Is Botox?

Dr. Shah that Botox is FDA approved to treat any unwanted furrows on the forehead or under the eyes. “Botox is a brand name for a specific neuromodulator,” she said. “It is used to treat wrinkles by temporarily preventing movement of the underlying muscle.”

What About Fillers?

“Fillers are injectable substances,” Dr. Shah said. They differ from Botox in that they are designed for fine lines that occur even when muscles aren’t contracting. Fillers are the top option for those with a desire for more volume when their face is at rest.

How to Choose Between Botox or Dermal Fillers?

Dr. Shah provided this simple rule to follow: Botox is for lines of expression while filler is for lines of rest. She continued: If areas of concern are accentuated with facial expression, then a neuromodulator is likely the most appropriate treatment.

Who Should Avoid Neuromodulators?

Dr. Shah warns anybody pregnant or breastfeeding to stay clear of neuromodulators like Botox. The same goes to those with a coexisting muscle or nerve condition.

Who Should Avoid Dermal Fillers?

Dr. Shah recommended checking the components that make up dermal fillers. You could be allergic, the injection contains medication like lidocaine. And again, anybody pregnant or breastfeeding needs to avoid this treatment. 

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