How to Truly Vanquish Fat


 Vanquish Northern Virginia

The popular perception of cosmetic treatment is rife with misconceptions.

In particular, many believe treatments that are meant to remove fat only remove it temporarily.

What they might not know is that there are actual ways to vanquish fat once and for all (provided a healthy lifestyle) and affordably too.

What Is Vanquish and How Does it Work?

The treatment is actually called BTL Vanquish. Similar to Coolsculpting, but relying on heat, precise radiofrequencies are used to target fat cells above the abdominals.

The lymphatic channels clear out the fat after apoptosis is triggered.

Each treatment is only 45 minutes and lasts permanently. Your fat cells are dead and gone. And while the other fat cells surrounding can grow larger, as long as you eat healthy your new figure will maintain.

Is There Any Risk to Vanquish ME Treatments?

Like many modern cosmetic treatments, there’s hardly any risk. The major possible side effect is tenderness in the area after treatment.

Vanquish ME is a tunable, focused bipolar radiofrequency device, and it is FDA-approved.

This procedure is a lot more affordable when compared with other fat reduction treatments on the market.

The treatment itself has been described as a low to medium warm feeling with no pain involved.

Am I a Good Candidate for Vanquish ME?

The only individuals who should avoid this sort of treatment are those with implantable devices.

Besides that, while they’re at no risk, individuals with deeper visceral fat as opposed to more superficial subcutaneous fat may not achieve the results they wanted to see from the treatment.

These sort of treatments are for those individuals who lead healthy lifestyles but can’t seem to get that last mile that they want out of their bodies.

Often times, these individuals face the whims of fat distributions that aren’t indicative of their total body fat content.

If you’re looking for more information to see if Vanquish ME in Northern Virginia is right for you, please click here or schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicole Hayre at Cosmetic Dermatology Center.