Leeza Gibbons Shares Her Favorite In-Office Procedure

If you’ve ever seen Leeza Gibbons, co-host of Entertainment Tonight, you know that there’s a way to age classy and gracefully.

When it comes to aging, the best you can do is stay active, and Gibbons exemplifies this in the way she lives her life.

But sometimes a few tips and tricks help along the way. And she was happy to share some of her favorite beauty secrets and procedures.

Taking care of yourself mentally

The one part of beauty no one ever talks about is the mind! If there were ever a single villain that sped up aging, then it might just be stress. Leeza Gibbons recommends taking at least half an hour a day to consider exactly what you need – time for yourself where you’re not just focused on others.

IPL and Lasers | A simple self-care routine and her favorite in-office procedure

Like so many before her, Gibbons advocates a simple routine for skin-care. Really, simple might just be best. Use a gentle cleanser on your face, and make sure to moisturize. After that, put on sunscreen! Especially if you’re active. You need to protect yourself against the sun.

As far as procedures, Gibbons is a big fan of the IPL or laser treatment procedures. Sun spots, age spots, brown tones on the skin – the IPL evens out your complexion.

leeza gibbons

Lasers or Botox | What

your favorite procedure says about you

Brown spots and age spots are the kinds of skin issues that are natural to an active life style. It’s like the old saying that sometimes smiling causes more wrinkles: people who would benefit most from Botox are often extremely theatrical or expressive. Therefore, the type of person who might benefit most from IPL or laser treatments are those who challenge the outdoors.

Being active is essential to aging gracefully. But everything in life comes with risks and drawbacks. When we’re young, it’s easy to ignore the sun beating down on our face. But as we get older, it’s important to recognize the importance of taking care of the body. For those adventurous who spend their time outside, but prefer a certain look or complexion, the IPL laser treatment is an easy way to counter the effects of the sun.