Is Botox Better Than Xeomin for Combating Fine Lines & Wrinkles?

is botox better than xeomin

Until relatively recently, Botox was the only cosmetic neurotoxin injectable available to combat signs of aging like forehead lines, scowl or 11 lines, and crow’s feet. Then other brands, like Xeomin, hit the scene begging the question, “Is Botox better than Xeomin?” 

What Are the Similarities Between the Two Anti-Aging Cosmetic Injections?

Both Botox and Xeomin use a neurotoxin called botulinum to reduce the movement in the muscles behind the skin. It’s these muscles that, when contracted, pull the skin creating the folds we call wrinkles. By paralyzing the muscles, it can reduce or even eliminate the appearance of wrinkles for three to four months, or even longer! The word toxin can seem scary, but fret not, both options are completely safe when used as indicated. 

What Are the Differences Between the Two ?

There are two major differences between Botox and Xeomin. One difference can be found in the way the products are formulated. Xeomin is what’s called a “naked” injectable, which simply means that it’s stripped of any unnecessary components or proteins. Why does that matter? Antibodies can form against the proteins, which a small demographic of Botox users have found that the injectable eventually loses its luster. 

The other major difference is the approved uses. Botox is approved for forehead lines, 1” lines, and crow’s feet, while Xeomin is only approved for the 11 lines. 

So, What’s the Bottom Line – Is Botox Better than Xeomin?

That depends entirely on you! During your consultation with a cosmetic injection specialist, your injector will take a look at the areas you want to treat and the severity of wrinkles. Then, they’ll make a recommendation on which injectable they think is best, so you can decide what’s right for you.

If you’re ready to turn back the clock and fight the good fight against wrinkles, call our team at 703-827-8600 to schedule a consultation and get the answer to “Is Botox better than Xeomin?” for your unique case Be sure to ask about discounts on injections when you join our Collagen Membership Program!