Botox FAQ: Is Botox Safe to Use Multiple Times and More

is botox safe in northern virginia

Since a real fountain of youth that keeps us all young forever has yet to be discovered, cosmetic injections such as Botox remain popular. With Botox cosmetic injections, you can reverse the signs of aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, but is it safe to inject a toxin into your skin? Is Botox safe to use multiple times? If you stop getting Botox, do wrinkles get worse? Here are answers to help put your mind at ease about Botox.

Are Botox Injections Toxic?

The FDA approved Botox as a temporary aesthetic treatment for cosmetic use nearly 20 years ago. Before that, it was already in use for a number of medical conditions. Botox has been studied extensively and has a history of safety and efficacy when used in small doses, such as that in cosmetic injections.

Is Botox Safe to Use Multiple Times?

Botox in Northern Virginia is safe to continue use over time. You can always have too much of a good thing, and too much Botox can cause muscles to flatten and weaken. However, you’d have to get Botox every couple of months for years for this to happen. There are no known side effects of continuous use of Botox injections as long as you follow the recommended use, which is a minimum of three months between injections.

“I love Botox!  It is a procedure that can be safely repeated.  In fact, I have personally been using it for decades!” – Dr. Nicole Hayre

Do Wrinkles Worsen if You Stop Getting Botox?

On the chance that you decide to stop getting Botox even though it’s safe to continue doing so, rest assured that you can quit it without negative effects, such as wrinkles worsening. Over time, your Botox results wear off, and wrinkles will return to the state they were in before you started getting injections. You will continue to age though, so wrinkles and lines will, of course, eventually deepen.

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