Landmark Study Evaluates Vanquish BTL

Vanquish BTL

You might have heard of Vanquish BTL, one of many new innovative fat reduction treatments that use temperature to kill fat cells.

Recently, a study conducted show the effects of noninvasive radiofrequency energy over the course of five years–as opposed to simply testing the effects within a short evaluation period.

Does the effect stay?

So what’s significant about this study? Essentially, the study wanted to see if individuals kept the fat off. One of the common criticisms of fat reduction treatments like liposuction, whether true or not, is that individuals who get fat reduction will simply put the weight back on.

Of course, with any fat reduction treatment, doctors recommend that a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise be used in conjunction fat reduction treatments.

The reason why is that lifestyle changes incur global fat loss. But they also simply reduce the size of fat cells, while many of these treatments actually kill fat cells. So these two methods are best used together.

But on a practical level, many people feared that fat reduction treatments would simply lead to an expensive and temporary effect.

75% preservation of the contouring effect

But a four year study seems to show that onaverage 75 percent of the contouring effect remained four years after the study. So essentially, most of the effect stayed.

Because of course, these fat reduction treatments don’t dictate how you lead your life after the study. So on average, individuals will put on a bit of the weight after–which makes sense, as these individuals presumably kept similar caloric intakes after the study.

But most importantly, the contouring effect remained, showing that the reduction of the size of problem areas remained fairly consistent in the long term after the study.

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