New Injection to Melt Chin Fat was Approved!

On April 29, 2015 Kybella (Deoxycholic acid) was approved by the F.D.A. for the reduction of submental fat.  Dr. Nicole Hayre explains what this will mean for patients: “With the approval of Kybella, patients with fullness under their chin, also known as a ‘double chin’, will be able to come in and have it reduced without surgery.  Kybella is administered by injection once monthly into the fat causing it to be destroyed.  This is the first product of its kind to be F.D.A. approved.”  At this time the maker of Kybella, Kythera Pharmaceuticals, has not released the product for use.  This highly anticipated launch is expected within the next month.

“We have already had tremendous interest in reducing chin fat and plan to offer this product to our patients as soon as it is available”, continues Dr. Hayre.  “Treatments are expected to be a series of monthly injections.  Patients in the initial study performed by Kythera were treated up to six times.  Side effects included temporary swelling, pain, bruising, numbness and redness.  When patients in the study were polled, their satisfaction rate was 88.9%!”