New Prescription!

The desire to have long, thick eyelashes is not a new one. What is new, is the first FDA-approved prescription to help you attain them! Latisse®, a product from Allergan®, the makers of Botox®, can help you grow longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes in as little as six weeks. Full results take 12 to 16 weeks to occur. Results are not permanent, and continued use of the product is required to maintain the results. The product is applied nightly at the base of the eyelashes, as if applying an eyeliner. Sterile applicators are supplied along with the prescription.

Side effects of Latisse® include irritation, itching and/or redness of the eyelids, dry eyes, eye irritation and skin darkening at the application site. Side effects have been reported in about 4% of Latisse® users. Increased brown pigmentation of the iris was reported with the use of a similar medication, which was applied directly into the eye for the treatment of glaucoma. This effect has not been reported with the clinical studies for Latisse®, however the potential for this to occur is possible, and the effect may be permanent.

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