New Study Says Botox Could Help Children with Migraines

Botox for Migraines

Botox may actually be able to help reduce migraines in children.

This may not seem like a big leap. After all, doctors have used Botox for years to treat migraines.

But it’s not always a simple extrapolation from adults to children, because children aren’t simply adults with smaller bodies.

An optimistic study

A new study done on children aged 8 to 17 who were suffering from chronic migraines saw great improvements from taking Botox.

Keep in mind migraines aren’t simply “headaches.” Many of the children in the study had significant quality of life effects from their migraines — such as half of them having to be home schooled.

The frequency of their migraines at the start of the study was migraines on 8 to 30 days of the month. But after receiving Botox, that frequency lowered to 2 days to 10 days a month.

Meanwhile, the length of migraines went from 30 minutes to 24 hours all the way down to 15 minutes to 7 hours.

Subjective experience of pain also went down.

Why it matters for kids

It’s worth saying that one reason this new finding matters is because children simply won’t have access to the same options as adults.

While adults with migraines can be prescribed more powerful painkillers, generally children will be using painkillers from over the counter.

Botox, meanwhile, is a product that’s been proven to be eminently safe over the years, with a well documented mechanism of action.

And if further research shows that these dramatic effects will also show in larger populations, then this study may just be the first step to great quality of life improvements in children who suffer from migraines.

Do you or your child suffer from migraines? Interested in ways to mitigate migraines, or wondering if you could use Botox for you or your child to help reduce migraines?

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