Non-Surgical Butt Lift Northern Virginia

Do you want a bigger, better butt? Try the top non-surgical butt lift in Northern Virginia! EmSculpt is non-surgical, safe, and effective. Get the butt you want now.

What is EmSculpt Butt Lift?

Emsculpt is the only FDA cleared device that reduces body while increasing muscle mass. It is also the only device that builds muscle and burn fat simultaneously in the abdomen and buttocks. On average, patients see a 19% decrease in fat and a 16% increase in muscle mass.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift Northern Virginia

The EmSculpt Butt Lift in Northern Virginia is a non-surgical alternative to Brazilian Butt Lifts. It uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to build muscle and tone the treatment area. Each session takes around 30 minutes and is the equivalent to doing 20,000 squats.

How It Works

Emsculpt stimulates muscle contractions. However, these supramaximal muscles are much more than anything you can achieve on your own. The body responds to this strain by creating new tissue fibers. This causes your muscles to grow. It also makes your butt and muscles stronger, which lifts the buttocks.

EmSculpt Butt Lift vs. Other Options

There are other options for a butt lift, like the surgical Brazilian Butt Lift, fat transfers, implants and injections. However, EmSculpt is non-surgical so there is no incision, no pain, no recovery time. In fact, many patients get their EmSculpt treatment on their lunch break and head right back to work!

Emsculpt works by melting away the fat cells in your butt and tightening and strengthening the muscles. It is a perfect alternative for anyone who wants a better butt without the pain and risks of surgical procedures. Additionally, instead of reusing fat or inserting implants, EmSculpt increases your own muscle mass. This gives you a lifted, well-defined butt.

EmSculpt Butt Lift Northern Virginia

Are you ready for a plump, firm peach? Try EmSculpt today and get the butt you want in a few easy sessions. To learn more, please contact The Cosmetic Dermatology Center today.