PRP in Northern Virginia: How to Treat Hair Loss in Women

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Losing hair can be tough for men, but it can be especially bad for women. Thankfully, PRP — also known as platelet-rich plasma— is making positive strides in the hair loss industry, not only in Northern Virginia, but across the country.

And while some amount of hair loss occurs to everybody, there’s a healthy amount of hair to lose and an unhealthy amount — and to know which is which, you’ll just have to pay extra attention to your scalp, and the shower drain.

So, what causes hair loss in women? Here are a few things that might be affecting you.

Recent Pregnancy

You might experience a lot of shedding after childbirth … because your hair was growing like crazy while you were pregnant. Pregnancy puts hair into the anagen phase for much longer than normal, and the simple reversion to a normal state will cause shedding.

Hormonal Changes

Similarly, going off the pill can cause a similar state of shedding — the pill, after all, does make your body think it’s pregnant.

Not Enough Protein

Everything in our body is made of protein, basically. If you’re suffering from any deficiencies, possibly because of diet, then it’s no wonder that your hair might start shedding.

Got Dandruff?

Now here’s a twofer. If you’re suffering from dandruff, which is unpleasant by itself, then this may also be the cause of shedding. In fact, you might consider yourself lucky: because if dandruff is the cause behind your hair loss, it’s the easiest reason to treat of all.

You Might Just Be Stressed

After all these, know that people aren’t kidding when they say stress can make you tear your hair out. All the usual suspects are at play, as well as the usual advice: try meditation.

So, What Can Be Done to Combat Hair Loss?

Because there are so many things that can cause hair loss, there are a number of different treatment options. However, the use of PRP when applied to the scalp has been one of the most effective and consistent options out there as of late.

What is PRP and How Can it Help?

Essentially, your blood is made of two things. Red blood cells, and plasma. Plasma, meanwhile, is divided up into white blood cells and platelets. Those platelets are vital to the growth process and must be divided up from the white blood cells.

After your blood is drawn, the plasma is separated using a centrifuge. After the separation process is complete, the extracted plasma is then injected back into your body through the scalp.

There are hundreds of protein growth factors inside each platelet. Those proteins have been known to promote cell growth and stimulate collagen production, thus making it possible to produce new hair.

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