Secret Uses for Botox

Botox Virginia

Botox works for everything, apparently.

From sweating, to depression, to, yes, wrinkles, more than a few doctors are interested in figuring out just what the miracle drug can do.

One doctor has even called it the “Aspirin of the decade.”

Versatile, Flexible

You might not know it, but Botox injections last for a shorter period than you might initially believe. Specifically, they last three-to-six months.

While this might cause you to raise your eyebrows (note: that’ll give you wrinkles), it’s important to recognize that this is an intentional feature.

Botox works cumulatively, so repeat sessions build up. And if the injection doesn’t work the way intended, then the patient can decide to simply let it run its natural course and wear off.

Therefore, Botox can be even more flexible than fillers, vis-à-vis its intentionally short scheduling.

As for versatility, its mechanism of action ensures all sorts of creative uses, some waiting to be found.

Neurotoxin? You Don’t Say!

Botox, or, more scientifically, Botulinum Toxin is a neurotoxin. It does its magic by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles it’s trying to affect.

So what exactly can you do with this?

You could block the nerves for the sweat glands and stop sweating.

You could block the nerves to the frowny muscles (not quite turning them upside down) and prevent the brain from sending quite as many “sad” signals.

Before surgery, you could relax the muscles around the area to be cut, and minimize the resulting scar.

And then yes, you could use it for aesthetic purposes on just about every part of the body.

So what about you? Could Botox help you out in some way?

It’s worth looking into, especially if you’re looking into the realm of cosmetic treatment.

When it comes to cosmetic treatment, Botox should be one of the first considerations due to its versatility, safety, and flexibility.

It’s important to do your research and if you want to know more, call Dr. Nicole Hayre at Cosmetic Dermatology Center today.