Pelleve® Skin Tightening Therapy

Spa like skin tightening

Pelleve® Skin Tightening Therapy at a Glance

Pelleve uses radiofrequency to gently heat the skin to help smooth and tighten all skin types. The skin is heated to induce collagen production without causing damage to the epidermis. You can expect to have a light pink hue to the skin which will quickly calm showing a beautiful glow. While previous forms of radiofrequency treatments were uncomfortable, the Pelleve feels like a mini-hot stone massage. In fact, lots of patients use their Pelleve appointment for a quick nap! Dr. Hayre frequently has the staff perform one on her before a big event for a refreshed look! 

Find out if Pelleve skin tightening is right for you. 

Photos courtesy of Stuart Bentkover, MD
Photos courtesy of Igor Jeremik, MD