Skimping on Sunscreen: Applying the Right Amount of SPF


Sunscreen is the real trick to healthy skin and anti-aging. Everyone knows this, and it’s possible you’ve been doing a good job of not skimping on sunscreen.

But conscientious and dutiful as you are, even you might be inadvertently neglecting your sunscreen duties.

Your Face Means Your Whole Face

The University of Liverpool presented research to the British Association of Dermatologist’s that showed that people tended to miss a pivotal 10 percent of their face when putting on sunscreen. The study asked the participants to put on sunscreen, and gave no instructions as how to do it.

A computer program was then used to analyze the participants’ faces, and how well they did in covering it.

The result? People tended to systematically miss a few areas including the eyelids, the corner of the eyes, and the bridge of the nose. While these might seem like insignificant areas, they’re still at risk for cancer.

In particular, the thin skin of the eyelids is the site of 10 percent of cancers. Many people operate on the misconception that because this area is hidden from the sun when the eye is open, it’s not at risk. But that’s simply not true.

Why It’s Important to Slather on That Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an easy part of your routine to overlook. Because people find putting on sunscreen to be so mundane, they undervalue their importance. Young people especially underestimate its importance.

But if you want to minimize your chance of health risks, it’s important to be proactive–even on cloudy days, and even if you think you won’t be going out too often that day.

At the least, you’ll keep yourself looking young.

So make sure you put on your sunscreen, and make sure you even cover up the blindspots most people miss!

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