The Injection That Melts Double Chin Fat

Kybella Double Chin

Double chin is one of those aesthetic concerns that can have you posing in front of the mirror for hours, tightening your jaw in this and that way to try and figure out if you have it.

And with the holidays coming up, you might find yourself overthinking that casserole.

If you’ve ever worried about double chin, but known that a neck lift wasn’t right for you, you might be interested in a brand new injectable that’s taking the fat reduction industry by storm. Introducing: Kybella.

That’s right, it’s an injectable

An injectable? Sounds odd, right? Treatments like CoolSculpting are already weird enough, freezing or melting away body fat. But if you’re surprised by the idea that an injectable can be used for fat reduction, you’re not alone.

Kybella is a drug that uses deoxycholic acid to kill the fat cells in your body. Don’t worry. The term acid might be scary, but deoxycholic acid is what your body already uses to break down fat.

Put into the form of an injectable, it can be used on your double chin — in effect, doing the kind of spot reduction you couldn’t do with diet or exercise alone.

Fat killing, not simply reducing size

The best part of many new fat reduction treatments is that, unlike simple diet and exercise, they don’t just reduce the size of fat cells. They actually kill them.

And after the fat is killed, it’s cleared through your body’s lymphatic system.

The short answer is that treatments like Kybella are great for recontouring your body because they allow for spot reduction, whereas diet and exercise simply allow a global reduction of fat.

Now with Kybella, problem areas like ‘double chin’ may become a thing of the past.

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