This Is the Generation MOST Worried About Aging

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Is 30 too early to be worried about your age?


Allegedly 40, or 50 depending on who you ask, is the new 20. But given these survey results, you might be surprised.

Millennials Are Taking More Anti-Aging Products Than Ever

Millennials are apparently starting the anti-aging process at the ripe old age of… 26.

In what cosmetic experts are calling “prejuvenation,” Millennials have decided to start warding off age at the gate. For example, Botox is often used before the age of 30 before wrinkles even start showing – because collagen stops producing before fissures actually form. Compare this with those currently 55 and older who collectively averaged at starting anti-aging products at age 47.

Surprisingly, as much as 42 percent of women aged 25-34 are already worrying about signs of aging. Part of this might be because of increased marketing efforts to younger generations. Because products like Botox and Juvederm have certain cumulative effects, many clinicians are willing to work with Millennials on “prejuvenation” programs.

Is It Too Early?

Of course, a good doctor knows the difference between early and too early. Any patient who comes in under 25 for anti-aging treatments will most likely be turned away.

But how does one know when it’s too early? Perhaps Millennials are thinking along these lines when they try to get a headstart on outracing the biological clock. And really, there’s no single source that’s going to tell you when you need to do this or do that to stay young forever.

Instead, it may be more productive to understand what the best, long lasting preventative measures are. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and many facets of aging can be warded off simply with a good skin moisturizing and cleansing routine and a regular application of sunscreen. To say nothing of judicious use of dermal fillers or Botox.

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