Tom Brady Thinks Drinking Water Will Protect Him from the Sun (He’s Wrong)

Tom Brady Sun

Tom Brady is excellent at what he does. Some would argue he’s the greatest quarterback of all time–and he certainly has the rings to prove it (sorry Aaron Rodgers fans, this is a tough one to argue).

But unfortunately, that doesn’t mean we should go to him for skincare advice.

Drinking Water Will… Protect You?

Tom Brady has recently made the assertion that by staying well hydrated–not just by drinking water, but also by making sure to get all the electrolytes needed–you can avoid the problems of sun exposure.

This is definitely not the case. Tom Brady is almost certainly well meaning when he doles out this advice, but neither the science or the evidence is there to back him up.

A Good Image, but an Incorrect Metaphor

There’s a sort of failed metaphor here in presuming that all the sun does is dry out your skin, and that protecting your skin is simply a matter of keeping it moist.

But that’s simply not true. Ultraviolet rays cause accumulating DNA damage to your skin, which, eventually, could possibly lead to the sort of encoding errors that cause cancer.

It’s not a matter of hydration. Damaged cells can be plenty moist.

At any rate, it’s doubtful anyone has decided to buy Tom Brady’s book for the purpose of skincare. If anyone is at risk for being mislead, it is most likely young athletes who may not know any better–especially because younger people are less apt to put on sunscreen in the first place.

So watch out for your aspiring quarterbacks, whatever their relation to you. Make sure they put on their sunscreen, and make sure you put on yours. Your skin will thank you in 10 years.

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Photo by Elsa/Getty Images