Skip the Gym: Tone Your Arms With Emsculpt

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If you keep up with trending treatments, you have probably heard of Emsculpt. But did you know it can be used to tone the arms? It’s true! Say goodbye to stubborn arm fat and say hello to toned, fit arms. Let’s look at how Emsculpt can help you reach your fitness goals without surgery.  We will also discuss where to find treatment in Mclean, Virginia.

Emsculpt in McLean

Emsculpt is an FDA cleared, non-invasive procedure eliminates fat while building muscle mass. Wildly popular for its use in the abdomen and buttocks areas, Emsculpt can also be used to achieve impressive results in the biceps, triceps, and calves. 

Even if you work hard in the gym to improve your body, you may not be getting desired results in certain areas. Emsculpt treatment can help you address problem areas and eliminate stubborn fat so that you can reach your fitness goals.

How It Works to Tone Your Arms

This revolutionary technology uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to cause painless muscle contractions that work to burn fat and build new muscle. The treatment affects the target area like a strenuous workout, but at a rate that you could not achieve with your efforts alone. For example, 20,000 abdominal contractions in a 30-minute session.

Moreover, you don’t even have to break a sweat to get a toned, fit body with Emsculpt in McLean, VA. On the contrary, many people say the treatment feels much like a massage. Emsculpt treatment for arms will typically consist of four sessions, over a two-week period.

Impressive Results

Many patients seeking a resolution for problem areas without resorting to surgery choose Emsculpt. This allows them to reach their goals without the major risks, complications, and recovery time of surgery. There is significant data to back up the great results of Emsculpt sessions. BTL Aesthetics, the company behind the device, says that on average there is a 19% muscle mass increase and a 96% patient satisfaction rate.

tone your arms with emsculpt in mclean virginia

Tone Your Arms With Emsculpt in McLean

Do you want firmer, more toned arms? Emsculpt in McLean, VA, can do that. If you are interested in treatment, please contact Cosmetic Dermatology Center today to learn more about this revolutionary procedure!