What Every Woman in Her 30’s Should Know

What Every Woman in Her 30's Should Know

Believe it or not, your mom’s skin might be different from yours. It used to be that the most common skin type is what’s customarily been called “normal.”

Possibly due to increased stress, sebum production has increased in this generation of women, and combination skin is the new normal.

What every woman in her 30’s should know is how this affects their skin care decisions.

Gentle is Better!

We’re recognizing more and more that gentle is better. Whereas before we might have been happy to pile on the chemicals, we’ve recognized now that simple and clean is the way to go.

Don’t disrupt the skin’s natural ecosystem. Opt for just wiping away the dirt and getting the job done.

To that end, try going lighter on the shampoo. Shampoo is one of the most chemical laden products we use. Either try seeing if you can go a few days without shampoo affecting the sheen of your hair, or opt for low intensity products.

Give Your Skin Nutrition and Hydration

Your skin needs its building blocks just like any other part of the body. You don’t go to the gym without eating some protein, right?

Just the same, try using products rich with Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Your skin will thank you when it has the tools it needs to produce collagen.

Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate your skin either. Drink lots of water and avoid using products that dry it out.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen!

If there’s one thing every woman in her 30’s should know (or any of us, really!) it’s that sunscreen is the one product you can use to really protect your skin.

UV Rays are the main source of skin aging, and if you really want to make 40 the new 30, then make sure you put on your sun screen!

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