Can I Drink Wine After Getting Emsculpt?

drinking wine after getting emsculpt

You’ve been maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise but no matter what you do, you aren’t seeing the results that you dream about. Emsculpt, a type of body sculpting that improves muscle tone and removes fat cells from areas of the body simultaneously, may be exactly what you need to put your results over the edge. Each treatment only takes half an hour and it requires no downtime afterward. However, many people are curious about alcohol consumption post-treatment and we are often asked, “Can I drink wine after getting Emsculpt?”

What’s the Deal? Can I Drink Wine After Getting Emsculpt?

A bit of alcohol after your treatment is okay, but you shouldn’t have more than one drink or so to make sure your recovery is as smooth as possible.  Consuming a bit of alcohol generally won’t affect your final results, but it can make maintaining them harder in the long run.

Avoiding alcohol in excess immediately after your treatment is a good idea so that you can be as in tune with your body as possible. You may feel some slight pain, itching, or similar side effects.

Drinking alcohol after getting Emsculpt can impede your ability to determine whether what you’re feeling is related to your treatment or something else. Before and after treatment, it’s important to stay hydrated, and drinking alcohol is dehydrating to the body.

A key factor in maintaining good long-term results is dependent on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including eating healthy and staying active. Minimizing consumption of alcohol and tobacco after getting Emsculpt can be helpful for optimum results. 

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