You Can Tell If Your Botox Is Legit Just by Looking for This

2017 has been filled with numerous horror stories surrounding botched Botox and Dermal Filler procedures. A lot of times the issues with bad Botox start with the product itself.

Some patients have asked how they can know if they’re receiving actual Botox or Dysport.

According to a medical practice in Palo Alto, California, they’ve made it a habit to open the Botox in front of patients so that they can feel at ease with the products they’re receiving.

“Whenever someone comes in for Botox, or for any injectable for that matter, our medical assistant takes the product out of the box and fills the syringe in front of the patient,” said Dr. Parikh. “Illegally imported injectables and fillers can be prevalent in some areas and patients should always be on the lookout for counterfeit products.”

Scottsdale, AZ, facial plastic surgeon Kelly V. Bomer, MD, says that while she doesn’t have many patients questioning the authenticity of her products, if she did, she would reassure them that she purchases her Botox directly from the manufacturer–Allergan, which is the only company that sells the FDA-approved version for cosmetic injection.

So How Can You Tell Your Botox Is Authentic?

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“This can be verified by the patient by looking it up on the Internet with search term ‘Allergan Botox doctors.’ When the ZIP code is placed into the site, the doctors whom Allergan contracts with come up in a list on the Allergan site for patients to find doctors to perform Botox injections,” said Dr. Bomer.

Aside from authentic Botox, you also want to make sure that your medical professional has experience with the products you’re having injected.

Some good questions to ask include:

  1. Do they have medical expertise in facial anatomy?
  2. How often do they treat patients with Botox?
  3. Do they schedule a follow-up visit after treatment?

Doing a little bit of research before your treatment can go a long way.

“In this way, patients can verify that the Botox at this doctor’s office is coming from Allergan. If the price of Botox is suspiciously low, this is when patients should suspect that it is not coming from an FDA-approved source. It is very important for safety that Botox is only injected into a patient when it is from Allergan. If it comes from an alternate source, the dose being injected into the patient could be incorrect and cause harm. There are instances where this has occurred, which led to severely overdosed patients,” said Dr. Bomer.

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