What Are the Benefits of Chin Filler?

benefits of chin filler mclean

Aging – unfortunately, it’s an inevitable process but one that can weaken our self-confidence and leave us less than happy with our new, mature, look. Thankfully, we have a plethora of cosmetic enhancement procedures at our fingertips that can help reduce the signs of aging. Included in this, is chin filler. If you’ve never heard of chin filler, and you find yourself asking “What are the benefits of chin filler,” don’t worry, we have you covered! 

But First … What Exactly Is Chin Filler? 

Chin fillers are essentially dermal fillers, just injected into a different part of the face. And while fillers vary slightly from product to product, most of the commonly used fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is naturally occurring in your body. Fillers in McLean, VA, are metabolized through your body’s normal systems and normally last between six and 24 months.  

What Are the Benefits of Chin Filler in Northern Virginia? 

The benefits of chin filler are almost endless! Chin filler can help to give the appearance of a stronger jawline but can also make it appear more defined. Additionally, chin filler can help to provide a more symmetrical look to your jawline. Previously, the only option for this type of result was surgical augmentation, which meant a lot of time off work and an even longer recovery time. Worse yet, results can’t be seen until the swelling subsides. 

Chin filler, however, requires no downtime and you’ll be able to see your results in the mirror almost instantaneously! The best part? This is all done without a single incision or general anesthesia. It’s safer than cosmetic surgery, but you still get the benefit of looking more youthful!

Where Can Restore My Youthful Glow With Fillers?  

If you still want to learn more about what are the benefits of chin filler and how they can benefit your unique goals, the best thing to do is to speak with an experienced practice. Give our staff at Cosmetic Dermatology Center a call at 703-827-8600 to schedule your complimentary consultation with board-certified dermatologist Dr. Nicole Hayre today!