The Secret to Longer-Lasting Results From Botox Near Winchester

botox near winchester

It’s no secret that Botox is a miracle worker when it comes to getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles. What is a secret to many are the steps you can take for longer-lasting results from Botox near Winchester, VA. And, the good news is that they aren’t difficult at all!

You’ll Have Longer-Lasting Results From Botox Near Winchester By Taking This First Important Step

Make a smart choice when it comes to your cosmetic injector. Choose someone highly skilled, experienced, and licensed. Botox injection is a science, and a cosmetic dermatologist who is knowledgeable about facial anatomy and Botox Cosmetic dosage is going to give you the best possible results.

Exercise Those Facial Muscles

Immediately following your Botox treatment, be sure to engage your facial muscles. This helps with the even distribution of the product and will help extend Botox results.

Do This for the First 24 Hours After Treatment

It’s true that Botox near Winchester, VA, doesn’t require downtime for recovery, but you still want to avoid strenuous activity and excessive heat for a day after injections.

Make Sunscreen a Regular Part of Your Beauty Routine

Wrinkles caused by sun damage don’t respond well to Botox, so be sure you use a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. You not only want to apply sunscreen to your face but to your hands, neck, and chest as well. Also, make it a point to stay out of the sun during peak UV times.

Put Down Those Cigarettes

Smoking is good for absolutely nothing, least of all your skin. If you smoke, think about quitting before you get cosmetic injections.

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