Is a Fat Transfer Brazilian Butt Lift Safe?

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Since 2015 there have been over 84,000 fat grafting procedures done to enhance the buttocks or breasts or treat facial aging. It is, understandably, an appealing procedure. But is a fat transfer Brazilian Butt Lift safe? Maybe not.

What is Fat Transfer?

This procedure takes unwanted fat from one area of the body and transfers it to another are. This can create better breasts, a curvier butt, or a more plump, youthful face. Sounds perfect right?

Take away the fat you don’t want and use it to create a more appealing body shape? Some even claim it is a type of stem cell therapy that can reverse the aging process making it very popular.  However, popularity doesn’t mean it’s safe. There is virtually no scientific evidence to support the claim that stem cells in fat have any special anti-aging effect.

Is a Fat Transfer Brazilian Butt Lift Safe?

Unfortunately, lack of evidence hasn’t stopped many doctors from marketing fat transfer as the holy grail of facial rejuvenation. The truth of the matter is that even when used as permanent filler, to restore facial volume, fat is notoriously fickle.

Not all of the fat will survive in the new location and there is no reliable method to control which percentage of the fat transfer will take. This is true for other fat transfers as well, including the fat transfer Brazilian Butt Lift.

So, are these procedures safe? Or should people seek an alternative?

Benefits of Fat Transfer

Supporters of the fat transfer technique are adamant that it offers a safe, permanent, and natural solution for facial rejuvenation as well as offering many benefits for breast/buttocks enhancement.

When performed by a qualified provider, the procedure is generally safe. There is very little risk of adverse side effects. There is no risk of allergic reaction to the fat and the surviving fat transfer should last for many years.

Known Problems of Brazilian Butt Lift

While there are very few health risks when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, fat grafting has an elevated risk of fat embolization when performed improperly. This is a serious condition that can be fatal. Another concern is that there is no way to predict results. Even highly experienced providers cannot guarantee that enough fat will survive to achieve the desired results.

Currently, the solution to this unpredictability is to inject more fat than what is needed, so that if some does not survive, you may still have optimal results. However, if more of the fat survives, you could be stuck with the results for several years. Because of this, we see a very high rate of revision with these procedures.

Can Anyone Get Fat Transfer?

Typically, fat transfer works for everyone. It is a reasonable solution for people who want to enhance the breast or buttocks area without implants or other surgical procedures.

However, many providers would prefer to stick with FDA approved injectables, implants, surgical procedures and professional skin care products that they know will offer their clients optimal results, rather than using an unpredictable, questionably safe procedure that may not result in the desired appearance.

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