Conquer Unwanted Cellulite With Sculptra Aesthetic

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Despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, cellulite can still present on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and other areas of the body.

In fact, up to 90% of women have some degree of dimpling that may make them self-conscious and hesitant to wear shorts, skirt, and bathing suits this summer.

Fortunately, Sculptra is a dermal filler that can combat cellulite using the body’s own collagen production to smooth lumpy skin.

Unlike other cellulite procedures, this non-surgical treatment has zero downtime and provides long-lasting results.

Here’s what patients should know about Sculptra’s ability to banish cellulite in Northern Virginia.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is the result of fat deposits that press against surrounding connective tissue and cause bulging in the skin.

It can become more pronounced as we age, due to decreasing collagen production and elasticity in the skin.

The appearance of cellulite is also influenced by hereditary, gender, skin thickness, and amount and distribution of body fat.

Research has indicated that cellulite may be linked to female hormones.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a cosmetic filler that is injected deep into the dermis and made of poly-L-lactic acid.

It has the unique ability to help the body replace lost collagen and rebuild structure from the inside out.

While it works more gradually than hyaluronic acid fillers, Sculptra aims to correct the root of the problem, and results can last up to 2 years.

How Can Sculptra Improve Cellulite?

Sculptra Aesthetic can reduce cellulite by restoring volume to the treatment area, filling in dimples, and disrupting the tight collagen fibers under the skin.

After the procedure, the skin on the buttocks, hips, and thighs will be smoother, lifted, and firmer, and cellulite will be much less noticeable.

How Many Treatments Are Recommended?

For optimal results, a series of 2-3 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart is recommended.

While patients may experience minor bruising, the procedure has zero downtime.

For additional information about treating cellulite with Sculptra in Northern Virginia, please call our office today to schedule a consultation.